Friday, August 6, 2010

Bone: The Great Cow Race

Grade: G+
Title: Bone: The Great Cow Race
Author AND Artist: Jeff Smith

This is a comic that I have heard about for years (i.e. before I started reading comic books). It is one that many of my friends read, even though they didn't read other things from this medium. However, I never could be persuaded to read it because I thought it looked a little . . . pointless. I really didn't know anything about it, but I had seen a picture of Fone Bone (the main character) before and said, "This is someone I just will never care about." And, so all of the vague interest I might have had in this was left there.

However, I finally decided to read this book because it was one of the only ones on the list I found with little trouble (this is saying a lot because I am always a bit lost on how they organize comic book shelves - I know; I'm revealing my ignorance, but I am always so confused. Why don't they put them by author? If it's by the publisher why are they always so mixed together? see below).

See - only the ones in a nice long series stick out in the slap you in the face kind of way, which is exactly how I found Bone. Anyway, I sat down to read this book while my little children were napping (in the summers I watch a class of four and five year olds - sweet little punks that they are), which may have colored how I began reading. This is the second book in the series, but the one on the list, so I decided to do something I am typically adverse to doing. I read the second volume before the first (I am such a rebel). Thus, this volume begins in the middles of an overall story arc, but I was still not lost or confused, though highly intrigued about the first book.

I found this book to be surprising. Not only is it hilarious, I was amazingly wrong about Fone Bone (I mean, how many times have I told you I was wrong! But really you can trust me. I am rarely wrong about my judgement once I have read something. I just need to learn to stop judging things without giving them a chance). I found him to be incredibly relatable, and I also discovered the entire story to be intriguing.

The story presents several things that I was dying to know more about. What about the dragons? Why are the rat-like creatures trying to eat them? Actually, I found the rat-like creatures to be really intriguing. They look terrifying to me and clenched my interest in the overall story. They are creepy, but funny and made me want to get to know them better - in a disturbing kind of way.

I was really torn on whether or not to give this book an "E," but I finally decided on a "G+" because that is what it deserves, although I am sure the entire series (which I can't wait to read and hope to get from my local library soon) will warrant an "E" because, in the end, this book left me wanting more. That is why I am not sure I should judge only one book in a series like this (although, it is clearly too late to do anything else, since I just did what I do not like - twice in one post - I'm falling apart!).

I so enjoyed Bone and its light-hearted , but deep feel that I would certainly encourage you to give it a try. You can purchase it here: http://http//, or rent it from your nearby library. Until next time; go enjoy some art!

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